Having been in the business of major projects for some 33 years I have learned the importance of delivering dollar driven projects with cost certainty.

My culture is very simple. I am hired for three reasons:

  1. I understand the importance, in a business perspective, of cost certainty. I therefore know how to procure projects to satisfy this objective.
  2. I understand what makes businesses work or fail. I therefore know the importance of meeting business objectives; no more and no less. Construction projects are a means to fulfilling a more far reaching corporate objective, often customer led. Cost driven solutions are therefore of paramount importance. There is no room for monument designs or designs that would be "nice to have". My culture is to deliver cost effective solutions at all times and those professional firms that I employ are of similar doctrine.
  3. In all my years of experience I at least know how not to do things, and anybody wishing to solicit help and advise from me would at the very least benefit from my considerable experience as a professional engineer practising as a project implementers and manager.

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